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Friday, December 7, 2012

Tashkent FIDE GP 2012

Leko scored 5.5/11 for a solid result.

'... the Italian(Caruana-right) was never close to a win against Peter Leko(l).


1GMKarjakin Sergey2775RUS1*½½0½1½½½1½
2GMWang Hao2737CHN½½*110½½½½½1
3GMMorozevich Alexander2748RUS*0½1½½0½1½11
4GMCaruana Fabiano2786ITA0½0*½½½½½1116
5GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2764AZE½10½*½½1½½½½6
6GMKasimdzhanov Rustam2696UZB½½1½½*½½½½½½6
7GMPonomariov Ruslan2741UKR10½½½½*0½½1½
8GMSvidler Peter2747RUS½½½½0½1*½½½½
9GMLeko Peter2732HUN0½½½½½½½*½½1
10GMGelfand Boris2751ISR½½½0½½½½½*½0
11GMDominguez Perez Leinier2726CUB00½0½½0½½½*14
12GMKamsky Gata2762USA0½00½½½½010*

Here is Leko's only win.

Kamsky,G (2762) - Leko,P (2732)
Nimzo-Indian 8...Nbd7 9.Bd2[E55]
FIDE GP Tashkent Tashkent UZB (8.4), 30.11.2012
White played the harmless 9.Bd2 and got nothing in the opening.

Position 1
Now later, black has just recaptured with 22...Nxd5 and an endgame has begun. How do you assess the position?
-Dead even. The IQP is not a factor due the white's active pieces
-Slightly better for black due to the IQP
-Unclear, it's too soon to tell as the Nc6 gives white a chance to make murky play.


Position 2
26.a3 has just been played. The RRB-RRN ending looks complex but really it is not. Black has the better structure and more  useful minor piece. How should black proceed?
-Build slowly with ...f6/..e5
-Play the little hidden tactical blow
-Somthing else

Black to Play


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