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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Junior Chess News Around the World

Lara Mallin Under-10 Girls Champion of Middlesex(ENG) by Tom Marshall Islington Gazette

Nine-year-old chess champion Lara Mallin with her trophies.
Picture: Dieter Perry

'...she the under-10 girls champion of Middlesex, her latest crown claimed on Sunday last week, but she also holds the Hertfordshire and Barnet titles for her age group.

Lara.. said: “My dad taught me when I was two and I have been playing tournaments for about a year now.

“I enjoy playing but it’s all about the winning! I like beating the boys at my club and I like winning trophies.”
It’s been a sharp rise for the youngster, with the Middlesex win coming almost a year to the day after she entered her first tournament last November.

She still has some way to go before reaching her ambition of becoming a grandmaster in her teens, but this weekend she will vie for the London title at Olympia in Kensington, while next spring she is due to represent England in her first international tournament....'

Pioneer Chess Club Wins Chess Olympics(USA)-Full story see ArcadeHerald

The Pioneer team: Brad Schrock, Nathan Schiener, Ryan Palmisano, Chris Darling,
Ryan Madden, Collin Hedges, Carl Raymore, Austen Harris, Zach Madden,
Wes Darling, Max Peters, Douglas Ward, and Nathan Palmisano.

'The Pioneer Chess club hosted the 28th annual USA Junior Chess Olympics last Saturday, December 1 at Pioneer Middle School. This tournament showcases the best scholastic players and teams in the Western New York area....'

The Chess Challenges Chessbase Report 

Learning Chess Dutch Style
WIM Smaranda Padurariu gives the new players their first taste of the game

'The Royal Dutch Chess Association organizes so-called chess challenges at secondary schools throughout The Netherlands. The challenge is that you can learn how to play chess in one lesson of 45 minutes. The lessons are taught by experienced chess trainers like Dolf Meijer, Arlette van Weersel, Pascal Losekoot and Franck Steenbekkers.

After this lesson they play a tournament in which they are allowed to use a cheatsheet. On the cheatsheet they can find information about how the pieces move. They also get a chance to play a small tournament on Playchess during the Chess Challenge....(more)'

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