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Thursday, December 6, 2012

UNAM MEX Open Report-Hambleton

See Great Report-AmanHambleton Mexico-unam-open
(Report has annotated games)

'Behind me are the Teotihuacan pyramids...'-Hambleton
Photo from his website report

'The UNAM Chess Festival was a big event, with 5 different sections as well as a super GM tournament featuring the man himself – Magnus Carlsen. In the months leading up to the tournament I casually stated that Carlsen and I were following similar chess schedules.

The festival took place on campus, and the layout of the room was such that tourists, onlookers, and students going about daily activities could stop by a massive white tent to watch the games. It was similar to an indoor tennis bubble, except with chess inside and doors on either side.

The top 12 boards were DGT broadcasted online, with very nice wooden pieces and a separate stage to distinguish yourself. I have never been to any tournament in my life where chess was such a respected public activity that ordinary people took an interest in....'-

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