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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Panama 2012, GM Hansen,E(CAN) in CB Report

Hansen,E is in the news again. See nice CB report.

'2012 Panama Open: IM Eric Hansen scores 2900 performance!

11.12.2012 – Set in the lovely tropics, the Panama Open just took place, attracting many players from abroad, seeking relief from the cold and at times freezing winter temperatures in their home countries. The 2012 edition also witnessed a record performance for an IM, as Canadian IM Eric Hansen scored an imperial 8.5/9 and a 2900 performance.'

The first illustrated report by Alina L'Ami.

'They say the best philosophy is to live in the now, to live the moment, carpe diem…but I know one particular case when I would personally recommend living either in the past or in the future: long haul flights. If you seize the moment in a 40 cm width chair you might soon start being over conscious of every single square centimeter of your body. And that’s not really pleasant.(more)...'

GM Hansen,E(CAN)

A very nice followup report on the Panama Open.

Author/photographer Alina L'Ami with colorful locals

'...Several parks and avenues throughout Panama bear the name "Vasco Núñez de Balboa,"; his name is also attached to Panama City's main port, Balboa (the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal) and a number of monuments honour his "discovery" of the South Sea. The Panamanian currency is called the Balboa, although the US dollar is used interchangeably. What I found interesting is that although one US dollar is exactly one Balboa in Panama, outside the country it is a completely different story. Besides, one cannot find any Balboa notes at all except coins....(more)

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