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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Budapest TCh 2012 Rd 5 RAC I

RAC 6.5-Penzugyor SE III 5.5
This was the last game to finish and our team pulled out a victory. FM Mark Lyell played his first game for our team but I was a bit too busy to notice what was happening in the other games.

Overall Results
I. osztály, Lilienthal csoport

Tabáni Spartacus – Újpesti KSE 7:5
Barcza GSC I – Sárkány DSE II 5:7
HASE – Fabulon 6:6
RAC I – Pénzügyőr SE III 6,5:5,5
BEAC III – Vasas SC II 8:4

II. osztály, Bilek csoport
Pestszentlőrinc – Törekvés 7:5
Siketek SC – Rákosliget 9,5:2,5
Barcza GSC II – Sárkány DSE III 6,5:5,5
MLTC III – Csepeli TK 8,5:3,5
Sirály I – A. Láng MKKE 5,5:6,5

A Sirály I csapata idénybeli 3. kontumálásáért 2 büntetőpontot kap.

III. osztály, Szén csoport
Kőbánya SC II – Sirály II 11,5:0,5
ATTE-ARIS – Pestszentimre 6:6
Barcza GSC III – Sárkány DSE IV 9:3
RAC II – SENSE II 8,5:2,5
BEAC V – HÜSI SC III 11,5:0,5
MLTC IV szabad

This was my game from this morning. There was plenty of exitement as I was in clear danger at one point but this was not apparent to me during the game. Both players made mistakes and in the end I trimphed in a sharp RR-RB ending where my work on endings justified itself in a very circular way.

Yip,M (2085) - Donischite,L (2022)
Nimzo-Indian 4.e3 0-0 5.Nge2[E44]
BTCh Div I, 09.12.2012

I continue to play 4.e3 as a new addition to my repertoire and still show not more than a rudimentary grasp of the ideas.

Position 1
White has just offered an ending. What should black do?
-Retreat the queen
-Trade queens
-Something else

Black to Play


Position 2
After 45..Rxg3, play is sharp and black has some counterplay. How should white continue?
-46.Rd7 wins a tempo and the h-pawn
-46.Rd6 attacks the b-pawn
-46.Rc4 to win the c-pawn
-46.Rd3 offering to trade rooks and then win the R-B ending
-Somthing else

White to Play


Position 3
Black is attacking the b-pawn. What do you propose for white?
-54.Rd7(The rooks are about to mate)
-54-Rb8+(let the passed pawn win)
-Something else

White to Play


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