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Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012-10 Issue

I just finished the October issue and it is now being tested. The Database has 77 games and the PDF file is 175 pages.
This issue has 77 games from various events. I was quite active playing in 2 small opens, a RR and the season opening round of the Budapest Team Championship.

Game(s) of the Month
Two endings(Almasi,Z and Erdos,V) and a slow squeeze(Horvath,J) are the featured games.
Almasi,Z (2713) - Aagaard,J (2517) 6.Bg5 e6[B98] 40th Olympiad Open
Erdos,V (2645) - Atalik,E (2453) [A29] Husek Vienna Open A
Horvath,J- Schwabeneder,F(2266) Old Indian [A55] Husek Vienna Open A

Readers' Submissions
Thanks to IM Erik Kislik(USA) for analyzing 4 games from the Sarkany-Aranytiz GM tournament in Budapest.

Hungarian Tournament Price Summary 2012
For players planning trips to Budapest for chess, the entry fees for September's action were as follows.

                                                    Rounds  Prizes***      Entry Fee(>FIDE 2000)                                     
                                                                                      HUF       EUR        USD        CAN
First Saturday FM group(FS)         9-11       No        40,800      140         180.35   180.90
  FS Price for Hungarians*                                        12,000       41.2        53.07      53.23

September 2012
Torokves A RR                                   9         Yes         5,500         19.4        25           25
Lila Futo Open**                                6         Yes         3,000         10.3        13.3        13.4
Kobanya Open                                    6         Yes         3,000         10.3        13.3        13.4

*Unadvertised. I learned this the hard way after paying the tourist prices for a year.
** Still using mechanical clocks many of which are unreliable.
***Prizes are modest in all the tournaments.

First Saturday-FM group
This monthly RR series offers no prizes and is by far the most expensive(about 8-10X the local competition) tournament option in Budapest. All Budapest tournaments normally have prizes. Note the two-tier pricing system used where Hungarian players get the standard price of 12,000HUF(42EUR; 56CAN; 56USD) which can be negotiated lower while foreign players get the ‘tourist’ prices.
Note FS has concurrent GM and IM groups and serves free snacks.

Hungarian Tournaments
I played in 2 small opens, a RR event and the season opening round of the Budapest Team Championship.

Budapest Team Championship Round 1
This year I am again playing for Rakosliget. This season we have been promoted to Division 1. Our team also has a second team playing in Division 3 as we have a much larger lineup than last year due to a big recruiting effort by our Captain, Balla,Atilla.

Division I. Lilienthal Group
HASE – RAC I 7:5
Our top team lost a tough match against a strong team.HASE - RAC 7:5 I I was originally scheduled to play for the top team but was switched to team 2 at the last moment.

Division III. Szén Group
MLTC IV - RAC II 2,5:9,5 MLTC IV – RAC II  2,5:9,5
I won my individual game and our team won despite fielding only 10 of the required 12 players.

Lila Futo(<2200 G/90min)
Mester,A(2078) won the tournament. This small open was on the weekend immediately after the Budapest Open so I was feeling a bit tired but I also had the feeling that no tournament should be passed up, since my reason for moving to Hungary was to play as much as possible. 41 players showed up in this edition of the open(usually twice per year).

Kobanya Open(
Koczo(2199) had a smashing 6-0 score and took clear first. I was =2nd on tiebreak with Nagy,A(NOT Mr. First Saturday) with 4.5/6 so Nagy got 3rd on tiebreak. This was one of two opens in September that came right after the grueling Budapest Open. If I had had any sense, I would not have played but there is so much cheap FIDE rated chess in Budapest that it is impossible to decline any tournament.

Torokves A RR(<2200; g/120min)
Juniors did well at Torokves in the RR A group. Szatmari,D took clear first with 7/9 and was never really challenged. I finished with 5/9 for 4th place. Juniors also took the next 2 places before the middle-aged players could make any impression. Orfei,R had bad luck in several games as time pressure spoiled many promising positions. Csillag,J played some aggressive and creative chess for a good result.

My score was nothing special but the tournament was a great time as usual for the bargain price of 5,500HUF(19.4EUR; 25USD; 24.54CAN). Now I am patiently waiting for the Budapest Discount Card which gives the holder 10% off the entry fee for all Budapest tournaments.  In the Open section Furedi,E(Junior) had a massive 8/9 score beating the top seed in the last round.

 Final Round 9 Standings 

                                 Rating             Pts
 Szatmari,D                 2056                7
 Ruck,R                       1985                5.5
 Farkas,R                    2117                5.5
 Yip,M(CAN)                2087                5
 Palla,A                       1974               4.5
 Csillag,J                     1925               4.5
 Takacs,K                    1897               4
 Bartuszek,A               1924                4
 Nagy L                       1968               3.5
 Orfei,R(ITA)              1973                1.5

International Tournaments
  • Olympiad Open Istanbul 2012-Fourth seeded Hungary finished 9th.
  • Olympiad Women Istanbul 2012-12th seeded Hungary finished 17th.
  • Athens GRE Aug 2012-Rapport,R(2605) =1st 10/13 but lost out on the tiebreak. Varga,K finished with 7.5 in the women’s group.
  • 40th GM Dortmund GER  2012-Caruana,F and Karjakin,Sergey shared first with 6/9. Leko got shared 2nd with 5.5/9.
  • Husek Vienna Open 2012-Markus Ragger took first place on tie-break from Tamas Banusz and Czaba Horvath who all scored 6/7.
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