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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Budapest Team Ch Rd2 Oct 14 2012

RAC had two away games

Ujpesti KSE-Rakosligeti AC I(RAC)
RAC will play at the Kalman Gymnasium. It's quite far by distance but easily reached my M3 metro. I have played numerous times there most recently in a RR with a small open tournament in the same playing room. This will be my first time to play in a Division I match.

Újpesti KSE - Rakosligeti AC I: 2,5-9,5
Board 6:Rinyu-Yip 0.5-0.5
I played like a lame duck after 2.Bg5 and dropped a pawn for nothing on 15...Ne4? My opponent then surprisingly offered my a draw on 20.Qd3 which was quickly accepted. A lucky escape for me.

Siralyi EKH II-Rakosligeti II
Our second team will play downtown at the Siralyi Club where I used to go for tuesday evening blitz practice. Last season I played for Siralyi in the unrated Division 4 league.

Siraly II - Rakosligeti AC II: 2,5-9,5

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