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Monday, October 29, 2012

Vintage Portisch in the 2.c3 d5 Sicilian(B22)

Here is an interesting game that can be studied under the following theme(s)
  • IQP defence
  • Small tactics
  • Weak king position
  • Attack on the king

Braga,Fernando Alberto (2375) - Portisch,Lajos (2630) [B22]
Mar del Plata Mar del Plata, 1982

Critical Position 1(17.Bd3)
White is threatening Qxh7# How should black defend the kingside?

Black to play

Critical Position 2(24.Rac1)
Black has beaten back the first wave of white's attempted attack and has sucessfully secured the kingside. Now black is looking for more. How do you continue? Is there a way to press the kingside? Maybe ...Nf4 or ...g5 perhaps?

Black to play

Critical Position 3(35.Qc8)
The attack is well under way. How do you play?

Black to play

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