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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trends in the Sicilian Kan 5.c4 Bind(B41)

Here is an interesting game in the topical Maroczy Bind featuring Chinese GM Ni Hua.

'Ni Hua (born May 31, 1983 in Shanghai)[1] is one of China's top chess grandmasters and is the national team captain. In 2003, he became China's 15th Grandmaster at the age of 19.

Ni Hua at World Mind Games 2008-Wikipedia

On April 2008, Ni Hua and Bu Xiangzhi both became the second and third Chinese players to pass the 2700 Elo rating line, after Wang Yue. He also played 4th board at the World Team Chess Championship in January 3–14, 2010..-Wikipedia

Ni Hua (2637) - Lin Chen (2446) [B41]
TCh-CHN 2012 Hangzhou CHN (11), 22.09.2012

Critical Position 1(28...Kh7)
All white's pieces are pointed at the queenside and poised for action. c5 is the theatic break. Does this need more preparation(with say Nb3)? or can c5 be played right away?

White to play

Critical Position 2(40..Bd7)
White has made some progress. Na5 ties up the queenside pawns and the passed d-pawn is in a menacing position. But what is the next step?

White to play

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