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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Saturday 2013-07 Final Standings

Chess Results
GM-IM Blomqvist Erik(SWE) was clear first 7.5/10.
IM-Jia Haoxiang(CHN) won with 8/11.
FMA-Resika Nathan A(USA) won with 9.5/10.
FMB-RAC Team captain Balla, Attila was clear first with 9/10.

RAC Team captain Balla, Attila was clear first with a convincing 9/10.

1Balla Attila1762HUN*1½11½111119
2Lukacs Albert1915HUN0*111½½½1117.5
3Bacsi Andras1860HUN½0*11½½11117.5
4Engegard Odon Toth1809NOR000*11111117
5Ghadiri Radmehr1786IRI0000*½111115.5
6Gruz Janos1820HUN½½½0½*½1½½½5
7Bakos Viktor1550HUN0½½00½*½½114.5
8Takacs Zsolt Otto1847HUN0½0000½*1½13.5
9Brassoi-Tarnovszki 1622HUN00000½½0*113
10Al Faras Abdulaziz0KUW00000½0½0*12
11Al Faras Thamer0KUW00000½0000*0.5

Resika Nathan A(USA) completely dominated the field with 9.5/10.

1FMResika Nathan2186USA*1111111½119.5
2Kertesz Zsolt2084HUN0*11½1½01117
3Juracsik Jozsef2136HUN00*1½0111½16
4Andersen Soren2115DEN000*½1½11116
5FMJuhasz Bela2222HUN0½½½*11½0½15.5
6Farkas Richard2198HUN00100*1½1½15
7Laza Szabolcs1968HUN0½0½00*11104
8FMMayer Istvan2050HUN0100½½0*0½13.5
9Zhou Hao0CHN½0001001*013.5
10Darazs Zoltan2161HUN00½0½½0½1*½3.5
11Steer Jozsef1937HUN000000100½*1.5

IM Blomqvist Erik(SWE) was clear first 7.5/10.

1IMBlomqvist Erik2483SWE***0 11 ½½ ½1 11 17.5
2GMGonda Laszlo2538HUN1 0***½ ½½ ½½ 11 16.5
3GMSavchenko S2498UKR0 ½½ ½***½ ½1 11 16.5
4GMVarga Zoltan2446HUN½ ½½ ½½ ½***1 ½½ ½5.5
5IMVuilleumier A2321SUI0 0½ 00 00 ½***1 13
6WGMSchneider V2294HUN0 00 00 0½ ½0 0***1

Jia Haoxiang(CHN) won with 8/11. My RAC teammate FM Lyell(ENG) and Budapest resident scored a modest 4/11.

FM Mark Lyell

1Jia Haoxiang2340CHN*½01111½10118
2IMSzeberenyi A2313HUN½*1½½01½½1½17
3Sean Winshand2259INA10*0½½0111117
4Li Bo2363CHN0½1*½011011½6.5
5IMEstrada Nieto2262MEX0½½½*½01½1116.5
6IMSzabolcsi J2350HUN01½1½*½0½0116
7IMTo Nhat Minh2292HUN00101½*½½1½16
8IMFarago Sandor2280HUN½½0001½*11004.5
9IMSzalanczy Emil2297HUN0½01½½½0*01½4.5
10FMLyell Mark2228ENG100001001*014
11Bird Andrew2231AUS0½0000½101*½3.5
12WFMToth Sarolta2178HUN000½0001½0½*2.5

Coming to Budapest for Chess?
First Saturday Prices / FS Contact 
These are the most expensive tournaments in the city by far.
(Note-for FM groups the standard Hungarian player fee is 12,000 HUF(40EUR/ 54USD;54CAN), foreigners see website list; everything is negotiable; No prizes)

Other Tournaments
Hidden from tourists are some real bargains. Budapest is the home of affordable tournaments. Many bargain tournaments available, all with prizes and modest entry fees. 

Some diligent digging is required to find these events. Check the Hungarian Federation event listing for events.

Budapest Open-August 17-25 2013-Coming Soon 
This is a wonderful event on the calender that I played in last year. This should be a great event again.

Yip(CAN) on the left playing in round 1

For more information:
Hungarian Chess Federation Tournament Listing(Hungarian Language)
Budapest Entry Fees 2012(Scroll down to bottom of blog too)

Frech Karolyi Final Standings-Group A
This tournament is one example of the hidden little gems Budapest has to offer. I played this event in June for 3,900HUF(14EUR/18USD/18CAN).

1Koczo, Kristof7.522692355
2Nagy, Aron5.521402176
3FM Juhasz, Bela5.522222167
4Kormos, Adam522112131
5Bodrogi, Mihaly521092143
6Stern, Tibor4.520252109
7Varga, Attila420122067
8Yip, Michael3.520072031
9Bodrogi, Laszlo2.520361942
10Zoldy, Robert219751895

More About Budapest

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