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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GM Rapport on Chessbase 2013-07-23

Richard Rapport: The Sky's The Limit
By Diana Mihajlova

Another article on GM Rapport.

GM Rapport At the World Junior Championship, Athens 2012

Three years ago, we wrote about the young Hungarian prodigy, Richard Rapport, on the occasion of his becoming the youngest grandmaster in the world. 

Today, at 17, both his physical appearance and his chess career have undergone rapid progress. He has sprung up, towering over almost anyone that stands next to him. 

His shyness has given way to an open and polite charm. He communicates confidently and is quite fluent in English and German. He has kept his modest manner, but he does not hide his jubilation when talking about his latest chess successes. 

“I am very happy with my performance so far in 2013. I managed to gain more than 70 points in five months. I will do my utmost to enter the top ranks of chess soon.” 

He believes in it with such fervour and earnest desire, it may well be a self-fulfilling prophecy.(More) See whole article

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