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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TWIC 977(HUN) INDEX July 30, 2013

TWIC is the work of Mark Crowther.

GM Hoang won the EICC W Ch with 6/7 and GM Hera shared first in the Scottish Ch.
  • Dortmund-Leko
  • Biel-Rapport
  • Pardubice-Gonda,Boros
  • Politiken Cup-Portisch,L
  • EICC W-Hoang(winner);Papp,P
  • Andorra Open-Lyell,M(ENG)
  • SCO-Ch-Hera(winner) and Farago,I

41st GM Dortmund GER  2013
GM Leko has 2/4 so far.

GM Leko-GM Adams

Breisacher Memorial  2013-(SUI)Rd7
Rapport has 2/7.

GM Rapport-GM Bacrot

Rd5 Bacrot-Rapport

1Bacrot, Etienne27142813½½½½14.5
2Ding, Liren27142758½11½½4
3Moiseenko, Alexander26992759½½0½½114
4Vachier-Lagrave, M27192757½0½11½½4
5Nepomniachtchi, Ian27172608½½½½0½2.5
6Rapport, Richard269325520½0½½½2

A group of Hungarian players participated included two US IMs based in Hungary,
-IM Battey(US) 5/9
-IM Kislik(US) 4.5/9

Hungarian Results

15GMGonda Laszlo2538HUN621
32GMBoros Denes2504HUN633
44IMSipos Istvan2471HUN593
45IMToth Ervin2471HUN585

USA Results

57IMSmith Bryan2456USA570
91WGMNemcova Katerina2382USA4168
109IMKislik Erik Andrew2345USA583
125IMBattey Alexander2304USA4.599

Overall Standings
1GMNisipeanu Liviu-DieterROU26707.5
2GMOleksienko MikhailoUKR25687.5
3GMShyam SundarIND25057
4GMLalith BabuIND25717
5GMPetr MartinCZE25237
6GMYagupov IgorRUS23896.5
7GMChernyshov KonstantinRUS25146.5
8IMDas DebashisIND24786.5
9GMKononenko DmitryUKR26106.5
10GMTeske HenrikGER25176.5
11GMMirzoev AzerAZE25366.5
12IMBelyakov BogdanRUS24306.5

Politiken Cup 2013
Portisch,L is playing.

(We) met the Hungarian chess legend Lajos Portisch in the lobby and got a short interview.

Mr. Portisch told us, that this is his third appearance in Politiken Cup and he likes the tournament because of the nice surroundings, the Konventum hotel, the good food and the nice atmosphere. 

We asked why he so far has not attended any senior chess competitions, Portisch answered, that he has no ambition to become a senior world champion, when he never became world champion in his best period as a chess player. 

“In my age, you choose your tournaments very carefully. Of course if the organizers of the senior world championship gave me a nice offer, I would consider, but my main ambition these days is to sing.(more)..'

GM Portisch,L

14th ch-EUR Ind w  2013-Chess Results
GMs Hoang,Thanh Trang and Gunina,Valentina 6/7. Papp,Petra 4/7.

GM Hoang Thanh Trang(HUN) 

1GMHoang Thanh TrangHUN24676
2GMGunina ValentinaRUS25076
3IMMelia SalomeGEO24285.5
4WGMArabidze MeriGEO23205.5
5WGMPogonina NatalijaRUS24785.5
6IMKhurtsidze NinoGEO24435.5
7GMDzagnidze NanaGEO25585.5
8GMMuzychuk AnnaSLO25945.5
9GMKosteniuk AlexandraRUS24895.5
10WGMKashlinskaya AlinaRUS23345
11WGMDaulyte DeimanteLTU23635
12WGMGoryachkina AleksandraRUS24015
13IMKovalevskaya EkaterinaRUS24075
14IMKhotenashvili BelaGEO25125
15WGMCharochkina DariaRUS23265
16GMCmilyte ViktorijaLTU24975
17IMMkrtchian LilitARM24545
18IMLomineishvili MaiaGEO23515
19WGMMammadova GulnarAZE23225
20GMSocko MonikaPOL24355
21WIMSchut LisaNED22775
22IMMuzychuk MariyaUKR24845

Andorra Open 2013-Chess Results
GM Vovk was clear first with 7.5/9. FM Lyell,M(ENG) who is based in Budapest got 5/9.

Marcos Camacho(ESP)

1Vovk Andrey GMUKR25677.5
2Rodshtein Maxim GMISR26417
3Vazquez Igarza Renier GMESP25717
4Iturrizaga Eduardo GMVEN26437
5Norwood David R GMAND24917
6Narciso Dublan Marc GMESP25367
7Gozzoli Yannick GMFRA25237
8Hamitevici Vladimir IMMDA24827
9Gaudineau EricFRA23586.5
10Lopez Martinez Josep Manuel GMESP25476.5
11Demuth Adrien IMFRA24636.5
12Tania Sachdev IMIND24306.5
13Steingrimsson Hedinn GMISL25576.5
14Massoni Michael IMFRA23736.5
15Peralta Fernando GMARG26226.5
16Wegerle Joerg IMGER24456.5
17Macias Murillo Bryan IMECU22986.5

120th ch-SCO 2013 and the Blog
GM Hera(HUN) shared first with GMs Jones and Gormally with 7/9. GM Farago,I(HUN) finished with 6/9.

Report-Day 7
'...Today is the longest day.  Surprising, given that we are going to be here until nearly 11pm tonight, Alex and I are in good spirits and there is some serious banter taking place.  To anyone listening, you would think we are abusing each other.  Not Alex and me :D(more)'

Veteran GM Farago

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