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Monday, July 8, 2013

Frech Karoly Memorial 2013 Rd6-Koczo,K(HUN)

Koczo won clear first by 2 points with 7.5/9. Here is his rd6 game.

1Koczo, Kristof7.522692355
2Nagy, Aron5.521402176
3FM Juhasz, Bela5.522222167
4Kormos, Adam522112131
5Bodrogi, Mihaly521092143
6Stern, Tibor4.520252109
7Varga, Attila420122067
8Yip, Michael3.520072031
9Bodrogi, Laszlo2.520361942
10Zoldy, Robert219751895

Thinking hard 

Action from the Open

Stern,Tibor (2025) - Koczo,Kristof (2269)
Caro-Kann Exchange 5..Qc7 [B13]
Frech Karoly Memorial 2013. Budapest,  (6), 2013

Position 1
Black has initiated forcing play. How should black continue?

Black to Play


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