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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Amator Cup Rd6 2012-11

I made a hard fought draw with the #2 player but did not make the most of my chances.

In other games,

  • Katona,J-Bodrogi,L 1-0 in a Nge2 Nimzo-Indian(E46); This was a surprising upset as black looked to be outplayed. White repeated the line I used in round 1 and made an improvement on move 9.
  • Zilahi,G-Nagy,L 1-0 White won a nice ending.
  • Czibulka,Z-Szili,A draw in Catalan. White saved a lost ending.
Now I have 4/6 for =2nd with Zilahi,G. Bodrogi,L remains in first with 4.5/6 despite today's loss.

 Here is my game. 
Bodrogi,M (2076) - Yip,M (2085)
English Reverse Sicilain [A26]
Amator Cup (6), 21.11.2012
This was a sharp game with black calling the shots in a kingside attack.
Position 1
The ..f4 attack wedge has been formed. How should black continue the attack? The initial thought I had was ...Qe8-h5, ..Ng4,...fg and then ...Rxf3 destroying the h2 defender and then ...Qh2#.

Is the an immediate combination?
Is there a favorable forced line?
Is there an optimal attacking plan?
Black to Play

Position 2
The position still has some promise or so I initially thought. What is right way to continue?
-Guard b7 to prevent counterplay first
-...Qh5+ and win the e-pawn for a sharp game
-Something else
Black to Play

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