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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

GM Hansen,E(CAN) Rd9 UNAM Open 2012 MEX

Hansen,E earned the GM title earlier this year with a double GM norm at the Olympiad and is a rising star in Canadian chess. He qualified for the World Cup in Mar del Plata in a dramatic playoff and is now on the way to the Panama Open II.

GM Hansen,E(CAN) on the right at Mar del Plata 2012

Here is the Rd9 clutch win by GM Hansen,Eric which put him up to 7/9.

Otero Acosta,D (2443) - Hansen,Eric (2539)
Grunfeld Exchange[D85]
2nd UNAM Open Section I 2012 Mexico City MEX (9.6), 25.11.2012
White played enterprising chess and gambited his e-pawn early for compensation. Eventually black consolidated.

Critical Position
White has just played 34.fg. Things look bleak for white. How should black close out the game?

Black to Play

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