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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WGM Gara,T(HUN) in UNAM Open(MEX) 2012

Here is a game of WGM Gara,T(HUN) in UNAM Open recently completed held in Mexico.

WGM Gara,T

Gara,T (2377) - Hernandez Carmenates,Hold (2562)
Sicilian Kan 5.Bd3 g6 [B42]
2nd UNAM Open Section I 2012 Mexico City MEX (3.5), 22.11.2012
Black played the slightly unusual ...Nge7 and broke quickly in the center with ...d5 to clear out the center.

Critical Position 1
White has a slight lead in development. But what is next? This is a test of understanding and choosing the right plan.

White to Play

Critical Position 2
The ending is in full swing and it is black who is pressing with a slight advantage. The e5 pawn is under attack so how should black react?
-Guard the pawn with ...f6
-Trade knights with ...Nxd3
-There is a little hidden tactical shot
-Something else

Black to Play

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