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Friday, November 16, 2012

Gledura,B(HUN) Gets IM Norm at FSGM 2012-11

13-yr old Gledura,B (HUN 2336) obtained an IM norm at the recent FSGM tournament in November.


Bio-by Diana Mihajlova Chessbase-Zalakaros Report

Benjamin Gledura (2102) won Gold in Fermo, Italy in 2009, at the World Youth Championship, in the under-10 section. According to a study curried out in the USA, he is considered among the 50 most talented in the world. This sporty young lad is also a champion in swimming. He comes from Eger, a small town in the north of Hungary, which is famous for its swimming sports complex. All Benjamin’s family are amateurs swimmers, but he is the only champion in 50 metres – he won gold and twice bronze medals in his age group.

Here is one of his wins that showcase his attacking skills.

Gledura,B (2336) - Hagen,Andr (2418)
Sicilian 6.Qe2 Najdorf[B90]
FSGM Nov 2012 Budapest HUN (2.3), 05.11.2012
White played a sideline against the popular Najdorf but this line is well known in Hungary as a pet line of GM Czebe.

White to Play

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