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Sunday, November 11, 2012

IM Wang,R-GM Hansen,E Canadian Open 2012

Some background on IM Wang from the 2009 WYCC..

Video by Andrei Botez as posted on by Andrei Chesstalk Message Board

Here is a key game between two of Canada's top young players. Hansen since became a GM at the 2012 Olympiad and has qualified for the World Cup 2012. Wang is currently 4-0 at the WYCC 2012.

Wang,R(l)-Hansen,E(r) at the Canadian Open 2012
Photo taken by and posted by Mark Dutton on Chesstalk

Background-GM Hansen
Some interesting background on GM Hansen too Article

Wang,Richard (2307) - Hansen,Eric (2447)
Colle-Zukertort [A46]
2012 Canadian Open Chess Championship Victoria Canada (5), 10.07.2012
The middlegame is tense. Just who is attacking who? White is the plan for white? Is the a combination?

White to Play

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