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Saturday, November 24, 2012

WYCC 2012 Under 14 Open Rd3

Here is an interesting encounter between Hungarian and Canadian juniors played in the U14 Open.

Doknjas,John (1900) lost to a Hungarian junior Peczely,Sebastian(2092) but the difference in strength was not as large as the rating difference would indicate.


Doknjas,John (1900) - Peczely,Sebastian Zsombor (2092)
Grunfeld Exchange 8.Rb1[D85]
Wch U14 Maribor (3.32), 10.11.2012
White has played aggressively and both sides have had their chances. Now white must play precisely as both king's are open.

Critcal Position
Black has just played 28...Qe6. Just who is attacking whom now? What do you suggest for white?
  • Bxf8 and try to hit g7
  • Retreat and guard your own king
  • Something else

White to play


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