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Sunday, March 10, 2013

BTCH Div I Rd9 2012-13

Division I-Tabanyi Spartacus II 7.5-RAC I 4.5

BoardRAC ISpartacus II
10Shan,He Jia Rita0.5Katona,G0.5
11Csizmadia,F0Balazs-Piri,Robert 1
12Aranyi,Jozsef 0Felmery,Tamas1

I forgot my scoresheet at the tournament site so the game was reconstructed. Hopefully I got the moves right. My opponent had a hard to spell name which I don't remember.

RAC I lost the match 7.5-4.5
  • Board 1 IM Halasz,T won(black with RRB which overcame QB)
  • Board 2 Szepes,T won(white against a Benko. Szepes was down an exchange for 2 strong queenside passed pawns won nicely as black had  a weak king)
  • Board 3 Lost (Suranyi,P lost to Borda,L. Suranyi fell behind in development and then exposed his pieces)
  • Board 4 (me)
The Team Captain brought his camera but there was only enough charge to take a couple of pictures.

Here's the game.(Better analysis coming soon) 

Yip,Michael (2087) - Szentmihalyi,Tamas (2051)
Benko Gambit 8.g3[A58]
BUD tch Lilienthal 12/13 (9.4), 10.03.2013

I stumbled into a won position with some non-special play and then noticed the winning move quickly. Then, I looked for an even better one. 

Sadly my improved 'win' had an obvious hole in the idea and after, I struggled to make a draw.

Position 1
The critical position arises after black took the b-pawn with 29...Qxb5. The queen is now unprotected if only Bb4 could find a way to move to make a discovered attack.

White to Play


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