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Saturday, March 2, 2013

d4ChessNews Blog Posts March 2 2013

This is my new blog for 1.d4 openings news and ideas.

King's Indian Defence-TWIC 955
I found 3 interesting games in the Classical variation of the King's Indian. Previously I had prepared the Saemisch variation but now some backup ideas are needed in my repertoire.

Game 1
Rodshtein,M got a queenside bind going with an early c5 and then had to win the game over again after letting the advantage slip away.

Rodshtein,M (2616) - Manolache,M (2533) 
King’s Indian Classical 6.h3[E90]
29th Open Cappelle la Grande FRA (4.5), 25.02.2013

Game 2
Eljanov,P obtained a crushing bind after black chose to keep the queens on and play for middlegame complications.

Eljanov,P (2678) - L'Ami,Alina (2362) 
King’s Indian Classical 7.Be3 ed[E92]
Reykjavik Open 2013 Reykjavik ISL (2.7), 20.02.2013

Game 3
The bayonet variation saw action (9.b4 Nh5 E97) but with 10.g3 as opposed to 10.Re1. In the featured game, Yilmaz got a massive kingside attack after black loosened the kingside.

Yilmaz,M (2531) - L'Ami,Alina (2362) 
King’s Indian Classical 9.b4 Nh5 10.g3 [E97]
Reykjavik Open 2013 ISL (6.21), 23.02.2013

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