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Saturday, March 9, 2013

TCh-BEL 2012-13 Rd10-GM Hera,I(HUN)

TWIC 956
GM Hera unleashed the power of parallel hanging pawns after an ordinary buildup in a quiet Reti opening.

Hera,I (2570) - Illner,A (2459) 

TCh-BEL 2012–13 Belgium BEL (10.5), 03.03.2013

Position 1
White has parallel hanging pawns and is possibly ready to strike. What do you recommend for white?
  • 23.d5(unleashing Bb2 and banking everything on the energy of the d-pawn, as played in the game)
  • 23.c5(pressing the queenside and the queen)
  • 23.Bb3(keeping the tension and all options open)
  • Somthing else
White to Play


Position 2
White has an isolated pawn but what is the correct followup?

White to Play


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