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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Karpos Open 2013 Rd4 Standings

Rd4 Standings
Official site Skopje-2013.chessmix standings
Results chess-results HUN

GM Yemelin, Vasily leads with a perfect score. GMs Berkes,F9HUN) and Hansen,E(CAN) are in a group with 3.5/4.

1GMYemelin VasilyRUS25744
2GMNabaty TamirISR25663.5
3GMKovacevic AleksandarSRB25633.5
4GMSafarli EltajAZE26433.5
5GMSmirin IliaISR26593.5
6GMIvanisevic IvanSRB26443.5
7GMLupulescu ConstantinROU26143.5
8GMBerkes FerencHUN27023.5
9GMRomanov EvgenyRUS26033.5
10GMJankovic AlojzijeCRO25383.5
11GMHansen EricCAN25573.5
12GMRodshtein MaximISR26153.5
13GMMastrovasilis DimitriosGRE26143.5
14GMGolod VitaliISR25643.5
15IMHamitevici VladimirMDA24443.5
16GMMarkus RobertSRB26103.5
17GMGeorgiev KirilBUL26573.5
18GMSalgado Lopez IvanESP26193.5

Hungarian Players
Apart from Hungarian Champion Berkes, there is a small group of other Hungarian players including Rudolf,Anna and promising junior Peczely, Sebastian.

See also FM Csonka, Balazs's new blog FM CsonkaB

FM Csonka, Balazs playing at FS
Photo-his blog

2GMBerkes Ferenc2702HUN11½13.5
80FMTesik Csaba2366HUN1½012.5
89FMCsonka Balazs2319HUN10102
96WGMRudolf Anna2292HUN1½012.5
141Peczely Sebastian Zsombor2072HUN10012

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