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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TCh-SVK Extraliga 2012–13 Rd9-Varga Z(HUN)

TWIC 956
GM Varga scored 3/3 in TCh-SVK Extraliga 2012–13 play in rds 9-11. Here is one of the wins from this original player.

GM Zoltan Varga

Varga,Zo (2455) - Federic,J (2299) 
SI 2..e6 3.b3 d6[B40]
TCh-SVK Extraliga 2012–13 Slovakia SVK (9.5), 01.03.2013

Position 1
White has pressure over the whole board after some original play. The Na5 binds the queenside while the bishop pair menace the kingside. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play


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