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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Josef Varosi Open 2013 Day 3 Report; Rd5 Game

Day 3
I finished with 4/6 in a nothing special result. My one forgetable game in rd3 exposed a hole in my repertoire and in the two draws I conceded, one I could have done better and the rd 6 game I have yet to review.

There were 13 2000+ players who took part which translates into 8-9 middle age guys trying to walk through a wall of juniors for three days. There were upsets every round and plenty on interesting games.

I was chatting with a chess friend after the tournament who made the following comment on my play,

'You have no style, you just play moves!...'

I won with white against young Forgacs,Andras(1448). Mark Medve beat Mester,A to get to 5-0. I lost a nice game to Medve in the Xmas open just a couple of months ago and he had gained about 100 FIDE points since then.

I drew with black against promising junior Varga,R in a long hard game. pressed with the bishop pair in a closed position but could not make anything happen. Varga already had 2.5/3 against FIDE 2000+ players so I was careful not to be the next victim.

I did not see how the Medve game turned out before I left.

Here is my rd5 game.

Yip,M (2009) - Forgacs,A (1448) 
Slav Exchange[D13]
Josef Varosi Open (5), 17.03.2013

Position 1
The middlegame is going well for white. Black's king is exposed and white has an extra pawn. White's queen has just been attacked. What should white do about it?

White to Play


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