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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Art Pub 2013-08 Final Standings

Final Standings and Gallery
Piroska, Istvan; Gasparics, Akos; Juhasz, Mark and Fodre, Sandor tied for first with 5/6. I finished with 3.5/6 but managed to lose a couple of interesting games.

There was a summer heat wave for the weekend of 40C chess. Many players with big ratings suffered and big performances recorded. Notable were the 2100+ performances of Fodor,B and Bartusek,A.

I had a great time trying to combine chess with learning some basic Hungarian chess phrases. However, the past month's work of tactical training and general preparation made no impact on my results or level of play.

Round 1

Arbiter Horváth,Csaba hard at work

General action

Hard thinking going on

Round 4
Laszlo, Imre(left)-Yip(right)

17Piroska, Istvan5208922181.01
16Gasparics, Akos5199022171.76
3Juhasz, Mark5215422410.67
4Fodre, Sandor5215322390.65
511Medve, Mark4.5206221250.62
24Fodor, Balazs4.5184221722.58
23Bartuszek, Andras4.5184421401.57
812Molnar, Laszlo4203620640.36
1Laszlo, Imre421771986-1.15
2Repasi, Zoltan Sr.421742045-0.76
20Schweighoffer, Martin4187020661.61
18Bohus, Adam4191719980.77
9Markos, Adam420771953-0.77
19Sulcz, Istvan419121867-0.19
14Mitlasovszki, Imre420191982-0.06
10Mester, Attila420731888-0.99
27Bege, Levente4182620832
8Toth, Daniel420881918-0.97
35Kiss, Balazs4177918720.6
205Nadasi, Balazs3.521451900-1.59
17Daroczy, Sandor3.519551826-0.77
29Szlenka, Attila3.5181519921.46
36Bege, Vencel3.5173718931.21
13Yip, Michael3.520231848-1.03
28Zahonyi Abel, Mark3.5182318980.62
31Kokeny, Norbert Adrian3.5181118290.22
25Molnar, Viktor3.518361702-0.81
2844Jakab, Bela3163718521.15
33Firnigel, Janos317971784-0.03
30Balla, Attila318131805-0.13
6Gubics, Peter321131812-2.07
42Bege, Mate3163918341.33
26Schatzer, Andras318271663-1.07
66Oszvald, Peter3017261726
32Polyanszky-Tamasi, Zoltan318001660-0.78
34Szurkos, Andras317861659-0.8
39Fabian, Laszlo3165617850.81
43Berki, Zsofi Anna3163916920.43
41Kerekes, Lajos316401639-0.03
4015Gombocz, Ferenc2.519961762-1.76
37Lengyel, Andrea2.5171418270.71
50Marton, Denes2.5156516280.16
22Szentgyorgyi, Sandor2.518561638-1.59
40Pinter, Tamas2.5165517150.24
59Breznyan, Annamaria2.5130215461.42
21Kukel, Imre2.518611603-1.85
53Marton, Benedek2.5146416571.13
49Kovacs, Gabor Etele2.5157117350.93
4946Katona, Gergo216321618-0.13
52Viczencz, Peter214991482-0.29
45Szucs, Zoltan216331613-0.27
65Orosz, Tamas2015171517
54Dibusz, Domonkos214511427-0.26
56Papp, Andras2144015630.74
57Kidd, Balint2138114700.49
51Ambrus, Bence215611341-1.5
55Lakatos, Tamas214481394-0.45
5847Czumbel, Peter1.5158316310.03
58Palocz, Katalin1.513591274-0.35
61Marton, Kristof1.5124813440.45
63Geresdi-Horvath, Agoston1.5013221322
6238Diller, Denis116711395-2.19
64Gombocz, Judit10909909
48Diller, Kevin115731239-1.62
62Gombocz, Ferenc Jr.11209788-0.72
60Breznyan, Dorina11261802-0.75

Here's my game from Rd5.

Yip,M (2026) - Schweighoffer,M (1870)
Grunfeld Russian System 6..Nbd7[D96]
Art Pub (5), 11.08.2013

Position 1
The R-R ending favors white but requires a precise handling. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


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