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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Budapest Open 2013 Rd2

Results and Standings
Zoldy was again the big man winning another upset game. Papagorasz won nicely with a ...Nxf2! combination catching white's king in the center and then winning the queen. Palla did well to get a draw with a solid Queen's Indian. I thought Csabai had a good position in the early middlegame with a modest Reti but when I returned the game was over with Erdos winning.

My opponent made a quick draw offer on move 11 which I could not really refuse as black so I accepted and enjoyed a light day.

Thanks to Heyl,Thomas(GER) for the pictures. Heyl also did well to draw with WFM Toth.

Zoldy,R(front left)-Ritter,G(front right in red)

I received a quick draw offer on move 11

Zoldy,R(front left)-Ritter,G(front right in red)

1IM Farago, S12270FM Mihok, L121021-0 
2Bakk, Zoltan12070Szepes, Tamas122480-1
3Zentai, Peter12234Palla, Akos B12054½-½
4Csabai, Viktor12034Erdos, Boglarka121890-1
5Koncz, Imre12181Yip, Michael12020½-½ 
6Alvin, Leo12005Papagorasz, T121630-1 
7Juhasz, Mark12154Bihari, Mihaly120041-0 
8Heyl, Thomas11997WFM Toth, S12138½-½
9Gubics, Peter12113Adrien, Vincent119941-0 
10Zoldy, Robert11962Ritter, Gabor Dr.121081-0 
11Kovacsy, Ba0.51508Kormos, Adam0.521980-1 
12FM Juhasz, B0.52194Peczeli, Zoltan0.520361-0 
13Czipp, Janos0.51417Mester, Attila0.520730-1 
14Schatzer, A0.51827Abraham, Lajos0.518210-1 
15Kancz, Csaba01648IM Szalanczy, E022850-1
16Bodrogi, Laszlo02015Ronyai, Imre015911-0 
17Gyimesi, Peter01646Furedi, Erik01927½-½ 
18Lakat, Gyula01863Gyulai, David014351-0 
19Rajcsanyi, P01850Danffy, Abel013801-0 
20Breznyan, A01302Bartuszek, A018440-1 
21Balla, Attila01813Karacsonyi, K012881-0 
22Breznyan, D01261Szurkos, Andras017860-1 
23Foldi, Martin01783Birovecz, Jordan001-0 
24Kertesz, Aron 00Mihaly, Zoltan017740-1 
25Czimer, Jozsef01704Pakh, Alex000-1

Seven players have 2/2.

1Szepes, Tamas222482719
2Erdos, Boglarka221892672
3Papagorasz, Takisz221632644
4Juhasz, Mark221542639
5Zoldy, Robert219622932
6IM Farago, Sandor222702750
7Gubics, Peter221132614
8Zentai, Peter1.522342162
9Koncz, Imre1.521812119
10Palla, Akos Botond1.520542234
11FM Juhasz, Bela1.521942133
12Abraham, Lajos1.518212192
13WFM Toth, Sarolta1.521382086
14Yip, Michael1.520202119
15Heyl, Thomas1.519972138
16Kormos, Adam1.521982041
17Mester, Attila1.520731916
18Ritter, Gabor Dr.121081860
19Adrien, Vincent119941378
20Kertesz, Aron Borsa101149
21Mihaly, Zoltan117741389
22FM Mihok, Laszlo121022011
23Bakk, Zoltan120701984
24Csabai, Viktor120341937
25Alvin, Leo120051909
26Bihari, Mihaly120041904
27IM Meszaros, Andras122610
28IM Szalanczy, Emil122851949
29Rajcsanyi, Peter118501850
30Balla, Attila118131813
31Foldi, Martin117831398
32Bodrogi, Laszlo120152400
33Lakat, Gyula118632248
34Bartuszek, Andras118441844
35Szurkos, Andras117861786
36Pakh, Alex101879
37Schatzer, Andras0.518271806
38Kovacsy, Barnabas0.515081665
39Furedi, Erik0.519271765
40Peczeli, Zoltan0.520361747
41Czipp, Janos0.514171574
42Gyimesi, Peter0.516461769
43Kancz, Csaba016481263
44Czimer, Jozsef017041319
45Ronyai, Imre015911206
46Gyulai, David014351050
47Breznyan, Annamaria01302917
48Birovecz, Ben Jordan001155
49Danffy, Abel01380995
50Karacsonyi, Kata01288903
51Breznyan, Dorina01261876

GM Standings and Results
GM-elect Ludwig came back with a win.

Action from the GM-IM groups

1GMHera Imre Jr.2567HUN*½11.5
2IMHagen Andreas 2415DEN*½11.5
3IMMihok Oliver2451HUN*½11.5
4GMGonda Laszlo2538HUN½*½1
IMGalyas Miklos2409HUN0*11
GMMedvegy Zoltan2560HUN½*½1
7IMLudwig Daniel2479USA0*11
8IMArngrimsson Dagur2385ISL0½*0.5
9FMJovanovic Dusan D2402SRB½0*0.5
FMVertetics Attila2404HUN0½*0.5

Rd2 Results
12415IMHagen Andreas ½ - ½GMMedvegy Zoltan2560
22479IMLudwig Daniel1-0FMJovanovic Dusan D2402
32567GMHera Imre Jr.1-0IMGalyas Miklos2409
42404FMVertetics Attila½ - ½GMGonda Laszlo2538
52385IMArngrimsson D½ - ½IMMihok Oliver2451

IM Standings and Results
IM To and FM Torma lead with 2/2.

Torma Robert2385HUN*112
To Nhat Minh2296HUN*112
Orso Miklos2327HUN*1½1.5
Lyell Mark2219ENG0*11
Ianov Viktor2314UKR0*11
Gal Tamas2240HUN0*11
Koczo Kristof2282HUN0*11
Balint Vilmos2216HUN½0*0.5
Grigoryan Meri2052ENG00*0
Brustkern Juergen2227GER00*0

Rd 2 Results
FM Lyell won a nice game with opposite color bishops. Gal traded down to a R-R ending with two extra pawns for the victory.

12282Koczo Kristof0 - 1FMLyell Mark2219
22227FMBrustkern Juergen0 - 1IMTo Nhat Minh2296
32314IMIanov Viktor0 - 1FMTorma Robert2385
42327IMOrso Miklos½ - ½Balint Vilmos2216
52052WFMGrigoryan Meri0 - 1Gal Tamas2240

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