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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sarkany-Aranytiz GM Budapest 2013 Rd1-IM Galyas(HUN)

TWIC 981: Sarkany-Aranytiz GM
GM Hera Imre Jr. and IM Mihok, Oliver shared first with 6/9. IM Galyas finished in clear second with 5.5/9.

IM Galyas(standing on left) observing the action
Photo-Thomas Heyl

1GMHera Imre Jr.2567HUN*½10½1½11½6
2IMMihok Oliver2451HUN½*½1½011½+6
3IMGalyas Miklos2409HUN0½*½11½½½15.5
4FMJovanovic D2402SRB10½*½½1½105
5GMMedvegy Zoltan2560HUN½½0½*½½1014.5
IMHagen A2415DEN010½½*½0114.5
7GMGonda Laszlo2538HUN½0½0½½*½1+4.5
8FMVertetics Attila2404HUN00½½01½*½½3.5
9IMArngrimsson D2385ISL0½½0100½*+3.5
10IMLudwig Daniel2479USA½-0100-½-*2

Here is the first round clash between IM Galyas and GM-elect Ludwig.

Galyas,Miklos (2409) - Ludwig,Daniel (2479)
King’s Indian 8.Be3 Ng4[E94]
Sarkany-Aranytiz GM 

Budapest, Hungary (1), 17.08.2013

Position 1
Black has given a piece for two pawns to break open the kingside. What do you recommend for black now?

Black to Play


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