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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sarkany-Aranytiz IM 2013-FM Torma,R(HUN)

IM Group
IM To and FM Torma shared first with 7/9. This result gave Torma his third IM norm.

The GM-IM groups
WFM Grigoryan Meri(ENG)

1IMTo Nhat Minh2296HUN*½½11110117
2FMTorma Robert2385HUN½*½11½1½117
3IMOrso Miklos2327HUN½½*½½½½1½15.5
4Balint Vilmos2216HUN00½*½101115
5FMBrustkern J2227GER00½½*011115
6FMLyell Mark2219ENG0½½01*011½4.5
7IMIanov Viktor2314UKR00½101*½½03.5
8Gal Tamas2240HUN1½0000½*½13.5
9Koczo Kristof2282HUN00½000½½*12.5
10WFMGrigoryan M2052ENG00000½100*1.5

Here is FM Torma's rd7 game.

Torma,Robert (2385) - Koczo,Kristof (2282)
Caro-Kann 4..Nd7[B17]
Sarkany-Aranytiz IM
Budapest, Hungary (7), 23.08.2013

Position 1
Black took some liberties in the opening and now Kd8 is a wandering target. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


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