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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Budapest TCh 2012-13 Div I Rd8-Yip

RAC I beat REAC 8-4.

Full Results bssz Budapest Chess Federation(HUN Lang)
I. osztály Lilienthal csoport
Újpesti KSE – Pénzügyőr SE III 5,5:6,5
Fabulon – Vasas SC II 5:7
Sárkány DSE II – BEAC III 4,5:7,5
Tabáni Spartacus II – HASE 3,5:8,5
SENSE I – Barcza GSC I 2:10

II. osztály Bilek csoport
Törekvés SE – A. Láng MKKE 8,5:3,5
Csepeli TK – HÜSI SC II 7,5:4,5
Sárkány DSE III – BEAC IV 8,5:3,5
Rákosliget – Sirály I 5:7
Pestszentlőrinc II – MLTC III 4,5:7,5
Siketek SC – Barcza GSC II 7:5

III. osztály Szén csoport
Sirály II – SENSE II 4,5:7,5
Sárkány DSE IV – BEAC V 1,5:10,5
Pestszentimre – RAC II 4,5:7,5
Kőbánya SC II – MLTC IV 9,5:2,5
ATTE-ARIS – Barcza GSC III 6,5:5,5
HÜSI SC III szabad

The Adventure
Arriving at the side was an adventure in itself as the REAC club is near Budai, Laszlo Stadium on the outskirts of Northwest Budapest in district XV.

I was fortunate to run into a player who safely guided my to the playing hall and on the way was treated to a background story of two of Hungary's notable soccer players.

Budai was a teammate of Puskas who also has a stadium named after him.

'Ferenc Puskás(born Ferenc Purczeld; 1 April 1927[3] – 17 November 2006) was a Hungarian footballer and manager, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He scored 84 goals in 85 international matches for Hungary,[4] and 514 goals in 529 matches in the Hungarian and Spanish leagues...In 2002, the Népstadion in Budapest was renamed the Puskás Ferenc Stadion in his honor.[10]

He was also declared the best Hungarian player of the last 50 years by the Hungarian Football Federation in the UEFA Jubilee Awards in November 2003.[11] In October 2009, FIFA announced the introduction of the FIFA Puskás Award, awarded to the player who has scored the "most beautiful goal" over the past year.

He was also listed in Pelé's FIFA 100'-Wikipedia Ferenc_Puskas

Pongo,I (1857) - Yip,M (2019)
Larsen 1.b3 e5[A01]
BTCh Div I (8), 24.02.2013

Position 1
Black has played energetically so far and already must starting playing precisely. What do you recommend for black?

Black to Play


Position 2
Black is working with a stable structural advantage but the time has come to find a suitable plan. What do you suggest for black?
  • 23...Rd7(idea ...Nd8-e6 and release the c-pawn)
  • 23...Na7(idea ...Nb5 to attack d4
  • 23...Ne7(idea Q-moves and then ...Nd5 to blockade the IQP)
  • Something else
Black to Play


Position 3
Black is up a clear pawn and dominates the position. What do you suggest for black?
  • 31...Nfe3(to prevents Nf4 activating the knight)
  • 31...Qc7 hitting the kingside dark squares
  • Something else
Black to Play


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