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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TWIC summary 954(HUN) 2013

Most of the results have already been reported. The French Women's TCh had the most recent action with Anita Gara, Anna Rudolf and Ildiko Madl playing.

TCh-FRA w TOP 12 2013 Chessdom French-top-12-females
Rudolf, A 3.5/5
Gara A 2.5/5
Madl,I 2/3

'The French top 12 females team competition finals are taking place 15th-17th February in France. The participating finalists are Annemasse, Bischwiller, Bois-Colombes, Evry, Juvisy-sur-Orge, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Metz, Montpellier, Mulhouse, Naujac, Toulouse, and Vandoeuvre.

Each of the 12 teams consists of maximum eight team members. According to the average ELO of the first five players,
  • Top seeded team is Evry Grand Roque with Anna Muzychuk, Marie Sebag, Sophie Millet, and Sabrina Vega Gutierrez on the top boards.
  • Second seeded is Echecs Club Montpellier with Nana Dzagnidze, Inna Gaponenko, and Silvia Collas
  • Third seeded is Annemasse with Anna Matnadze, Ticia Gara, and Anita Gara
  • The fourth strongest competitor is Philidor Mulhouse Elisabeth Paehtz and Lubka Genova leading the team.

Also official site Echecs.annemasse Top12

 Photo from tournament website

TCH-FIN 2012-13
Rudolf, A 0/2

ch-HUN U20 2013
Nagy,Ga won with 6/8.

ch-HUN U20 g 2013
Juhasz,Ba won with 8/9.

FSGM February 2013-Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy won with 6.5/9.
FSIM February 2013-Lyell,M won with 7/9.
FSFMA February 2013-Borda,L won with 7.5/9.
FSFMB February 2013-Marcu,Simon won with 9.5/10.

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