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Monday, February 4, 2013

Budapest TCh 2012-13 Monday League Rd6 Feb 4 2013

I drew my game and was lucky not to lose as my opponent showed me too much respect.

RAC played UKSE in a 6 board team match(unrated).

One of our players did not show up. When I left, RAC had 2 wins and 2 draws with our board 1 still playing trying to grind out a g3 Queen's Indian with a space advantage.

I played rather horribly and on the walk back to the metro with my teammates I walked right into a low-hanging street sign and gave my head a good bashing which caused a good burst of laughter. Such was my evening.

The only good thing (apart from not losing) about the day was that before the round I found a little used book shop and bought two cheap Hungarian chess books.

Here's the game.

Yip,M (2062) - Rinyu,J (1996)
English Defence[A40]
BTCH Div IV (6), 04.02.2013

Position 1
White is fully committed to a kingside attack having just sacrificed the a-pawn  after 26...Qxa4. How should white continue the attack?

White to Play


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