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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Budapest Tournaments 2013-04

Rakosmentes Open 2013 April 19-21
Hosted by my club RAC.
  • 6 rounds 90 mins/game
  • for FIDE under 2200
Very cheap!!

The building-near shops for snacks

Inside the club room at the last Rakosmente Open 2013-02
That's my head bottom right hand corner

This open is a typical little open which is gaining in popularity in Budapest. Last edition(Feb 2013) drew around 45 players. I paid 10 CAD(7.6 EUR; 9.9 USD) net of a 10% club discount to play 6 games of FIDE rated chess.

The bonus for me is that the club has a small library which I can borrow from so I usually get a nice Russian or Hungarian language chess book which I can borrow for a month.

My team play its home games here during the regular season. The club has been renovated and expanded from one to three playing rooms since last year. The small club environment is one of the little hidden treasures of Hungarian chess. 

All I have to do is start winning more of my games. This is easier said than done as the top end players are quite strong and the small army of juniors that turn out in very tournament are not so easy to beat.

In General
For Hungarian Tournaments see Hungarian Federation tournament listing.

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