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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Here is a game of historical importance between two chess legends.

Bio Maroczy(Wikipedia)
'Géza Maróczy was born in Szeged, Hungary on March 3, 1870. He won the "minor" tournament at Hastings 1895, and over the next ten years he won several first prizes in international events. Between 1902 and 1908, he took part in thirteen tournaments and won five first prizes and five second prizes. In 1906 he agreed to terms for a World Championship match(more).'

GM Maroczy

Maroczy,Geza - Keres,Paul
Caro-Kann 4…Bf5; no h4-h5[B19]
Zandvoort (9), 1936

Position 1

White has more space and is making progress on the kingside. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play


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