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Monday, April 8, 2013

Budapest TCh 2012-13 Monday League Final-April 8 2013

Rakospalatai AC 3: Vizugyi SC :3
RAC showed up with 5 players for the final and managed a dramatic tie.

Board 1
RAC lost on forfeit.

Board 2
Balogh,Zoltan-Szepes,T(RAC) 0-1

Szepes hung tough in the time scramble in a lost position and won on time.

Board 3
Suranyi,P(RAC)-Agardi,N draw.

Suranyi looked like he had good position, then a lost position and managed to hang on for a draw in the blitz finish.

Board 4
Ritter,G(2111)-Yip(RAC-2009) draw

I defended a Queen's Indian 4.g3 Bb7 and made draw in a roughly equal game. I lost very quickly in an Old Indian in the regular season so this game I changed defences for a better result.

Board 5
Bolyai,Istvan(RAC)-Horkai,Andras(VSC) 0-1

White got overwhelmed in a Sicilian Accelerated Dragon.

Board 6

Palla, Akos(RAC) won as black from a lost position when down a piece for two pawns. Here is what could reconstruct from memory.

Games and analysis later. I managed to take some pictures so these are  coming too.

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