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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Torokves Open 2013-04-Rd5

I was very tempted not to look at this game but the analysis shows the extent to which I am in poor form. Fortunately, I spotted a tactical solution at the right time which ended the game in my favor.

Varga, Attila takes the sole lead with 4.5/5.

14Varga, Attila4.5151314.5183320481.04
26Bakacs, Janos4171313.5178319481.06
16Toth, Laszlo414.51013164019361.17
17Nemeth, Jozsef413911163418211.06
53Velenyak, Janos3.514.59.2512184518650.15
10Kocsis, Zsolt Gyula3.5137.2511.5174517230.08
13Peto, Karoly3.510.56.758.5169617590.36
833Csomor, Gabor315.58.59017480.5
8Bege, Vencel314.57.2511.517671733-0.13
9Klement, Bence314.561117621686-0.38
14Zsatkovics, Endre3146.5916951671-0.12
12Czimer, Jozsef3124.5917081567-0.63
7Szlenka, Attila311.568.517791661-0.51
15Pollak, Andras310.56.25816661478-0.81
11Dudas, Zoltan38.54.5717181467-1.31
1624Horvath, Zoltan2.5146.257147716910.89
5Szurkos, Andras2.5134.58.518321579-1.5
1Yip, Michael2.5138.25719991876-0.25
2Bogar, Ferenc Dr.2.57.53518541411-2.05
2029Monduk, Eszter214.55.256.5133016231.48
22B. Kiss, Tamas21457152715470.08
19Ronyai, Imre2134.757160016960.49
28Indig, Akos211.54.56136816380.96
32Charaf, Kamel21135015181518
18Gecse, Lajos210.52.5516111492-0.82
25Kelemen, Lajos Dr.21023144216641.05
2727Monduk, Ferenc1.514.53.55.5136915630.9
31Sulyok, Eszter1.514.53.755125814791
34Magos, Mate1.5142.755013181318
23Moharos, Viktor1.512.534.514821497-0.05
35Ruha, Midian1.59.514014311431
30Kujbus, Odett1.581.252.512761265-0.09
3321Jancso, Geza1121.52.515311153-1.82
20Toth, Antal111.51415771393-0.94
26Czipp, Janos1100.25114301035-0.36

Here's my game

Yip,M (1999) - Monduk,F (1369) 
Tranposes to an usual 1.d4 d5
Torokves Open (5.13), 24.04.2013

Position 1
White has lead in development. What do you suggest for white now?

White to Play


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