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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TWIC 963(HUN) INDEX-April 23 2013

TWIC is the work of Mark Crowther. This was a busy week for Hungarian players, who were playing all over the world from Cuba to Thailand.

TCh AUT 2 East 2012-13
GM Gonda had a fantastic result winning all 5 games.

Gonda L 5/5
Flumbort 2.5/5
Fodor 2.5/4
Papp, G 2/4
Banusz T 1.5/2
Horvath Ad 1.5/3

Videcki 1/3
Bokros A 0.5/2
Molnar At 0.5/3
Steiner A 2/4
Pataki G 1.5/3
Gergacz A 4/5
Takacs B 1/2
Horvath T 3/6

Renova FIDE GP Zug  2013

GM Leko (left)

GMMorozevich Alexander2758RUS*½1½½
GMPonomariov Ruslan2733UKR*1½½½
GMTopalov Veselin2771BUL*½½½1
GMCaruana Fabiano2772ITA½0*½12
GMKasimdzhanov Rustam2709UZB0½*½12
GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2766AZE½½½½*2
GMKarjakin Sergey2786RUS½½*½½2
GMGiri Anish2727NED½½*½½2
GMNakamura Hikaru2767USA½½*½½2
GMKamsky Gata2741USA½0½*½
GMRadjabov Teimour2793AZE0½½*½
GMLeko Peter2744HUN0½½½*

48th Capablanca Mem Elite  2013

GM Inarkiev,E

2Dominguez Perez,L2723*½½1.0/2
6Quesada Perez,Yu2608½½*1.0/2
Bangkok Chess Club Open 2013
Top Hungarian was GM Horvath,A with 6.5/9.

Report From Bangkok CC
'In a multinational field of over 300 players, Australian number one, GM Zhao Zong-Yuan has won the Thailand Open 2013 ahead of big name favorites. 

Australian Grandmaster Zhao Zong-Yuan takes the Thailand Open Crown

GM Zhao had a rating performance just under 2700 overall including a dramatic win over GM Nigel Short in the eighth round. He finished with 7.5 points from nine rounds.

Following Zhao Zong-Yuan were six players on seven points. On tiebreaks, IM Wan Yunguo took 2nd place and a GM norm. GM Jan Gustafsson, who admitted that “he’s just on holiday” when asked about the tournament, finishes in 3rd place.

The top seed GM Nigel Short, a familiar and welcome presence at the Thailand Open, played fighting chess throughout the tournament making a decisive result in all but one game. He struggled at times pushing too hard for wins. The world’s 3rd highest rated female player GM Humpy Koneru had a solid tournament, not losing any games.(more)'

11GMHorvath Jozsef2534HUN5.5
14GMHorvath Adam2509HUN6.5
19GMCzebe Attila2479HUN6
21GMVarga Zoltan2472HUN5.5
46FMJuhasz Kristof2330HUN5

Overall Standings-Chess-Results
Zhao Zong-Yuan took clear first with 7.5/9.

1GMZhao Zong-YuanAUS25377.5
2IMWan YunguoCHN24947
3GMGustafsson JanGER26217
4GMVajda LeventeROU26327
5GMHansen Sune BergDEN25617
6GMLaylo DarwinPHI24917
7GMBarbosa OliverPHI25637
8GMAntonio Rogelio JrPHI25276.5
9IMWang ChenCHN24856.5
10GMKoneru HumpyIND25976.5
11GMShort Nigel DENG26976.5
12GMVenkatesh M.R.IND25086.5
13Ma ZhonghanCHN23726.5
14GMSchebler GerhardGER24456.5
15GMHorvath AdamHUN25096.5
16Rishi SardanaIND22326.5

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