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Friday, November 9, 2012

Cao,Jason(CAN 2038) WYCC 2012 Preview

The WYCC 2010 Champion from Canada

Photo- The Province-Cao Jason Story

Nice TV inteview YouTube Cao Interview

The 2010 WYCC Awards ceremony youtube WYCC Ceremony

Facebook has great team coverage with photos FB-Team Canada At WYCC 2012

Cao has been rapidly improving. He won his first two games at the 2012 Canadian Open beating masters both times. He finished with 4.5/10 and a 2102 performance. 2012-Canadian Open CC Results by Monroi

Here is the first round game from the Canadian Open.

Cao,Jason (1993) - Calugar,Arthur (2271) [B49]
2012 Canadian Open Chess Championship Victoria Canada (1), 08.07.2012
Black has launched an attack but who is attacking whom?

White to Play

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