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Friday, December 7, 2012

Endgame Master Class-GM Andersson

Here is an ordinary endgame from GM Ulf Andersson who grinds out a long ending from a slightly better position. Yet the game was not entirely one-sided as both sides did not follow the optimal path.

The endgame phase can be examined under the following themes
  • Greater piece activity
  • Symmetrical pawn structure
  • RN-RN;R-R
  • Open file occupation
  • 2nd rank occupation
Wiley,To (2296) - Andersson,U (2582) [E39]
38th OKU 2011 Utrecht NED (3.2), 04.06.2011

Position 1
After 27.Nf3 black has the more active pieces. What do you recommend black now?

Black to Play

Position 2
After 31...Rc2 black is pressing with at least a slight advantage. How should white defend?

White to Play

Position 3
The R-R is sharp and requires some precision. How should black continue?

Black to Play

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