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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hungarian Women's Ch 2012 Rd Standings

Results from Chess-results
Here is the crosstable after Rd2. WGM Schneider Veronika has the early lead with 2/2.

WGM Schneider Veronika

For more on Veronika see GM Balogh Csaba Website

1WGMSchneider Veronika2306*112
2WIMDudas Eszter2243*½11.5
3WGMPapp Petra2254*½11.5
4WIMVarga Klara22100*11
5Erdos Boglarka21850*11
6WGMGara Ticia2377½½*1
7WIMGoczo Melinda2234*½½1
8Ruszin Anna21330½*0.5
9WGMRudolf Anna23220½*0.5
10Juhasz Barbara208500*0

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