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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Bargain Chess of Budapest

I love the chess in Budapest. Especially the prices. The key is to how to find the events.

Beautiful Budapest

The most important resource is the Hungarian Chess Federation Tournament Listing
From there you have to decipher to Hungarian language advertisements (or email the contact for an English version and hope for some luck).

My favorite event of 2012 was the Budapest Open sarkanydse Budapest Open/GM/IM which was played along the strongest GM tournament of the year in Budapest and an IM norm tournament.

By luck, I also met organizers of the Budapest Team Championship and was invited to play on the Rakosligeti team(RAC). This is my third season with the RAC team.

Here is a summary of the events I played in for 2012 so far. Usually I play in everything humanly possible except First Saturday(FS). I took part in 9 FS RRs in 2009 but have since not participated. FS prices are out of line with the market, of which I was not aware of at the time. Also FS does not offer prizes, as is usual in all other tournaments here.

One Game Per Day RR Events
I played 5 RR events this year. These were gruelling events not usually available in Canada. The CAN$18-25 range should make Canadian players take notice. However, they are not easy to play in and demand an intense level of energy. First Saturday also has a monthly series of RR events. See their program Firstsaturday 2012_2013.

RoundsPrizesEntry Fee(FIDE 2000+)
Round Robin
Amator Cup9Yes5,00017.823.122.9November
Torokves A RR9Yes5,500 19.42525April
Frech Karolyi9Yes4,000 1417.6718June
Torokves A RR9Yes5,500 19.42525April, Sept

One Game Per Day Open Events
There is also the Spring Festival Open which I did not play in. I loved the Budapest Open best.

RoundsPrizesEntry Fee(FIDE 2000+)
Open 1 Game/day
Perenyi Memorial9Yes5,500 18.924.324.4Jan
Budapest Open9Yes7,000 24.630.930.5August

1+ Games Per Day Weekend Open Events
These are 90 mins/game sudden death FIDE rated events restricted to players under 2200. These are very gruelly events filled with up and coming juniors eager to prove themselves.

RoundsPrizesEntry Fee(FIDE 2000+)
Open 1+ Game/day
Josef Varosi Open7Yes3,000 10.313.313.4
Siralyi Open7Yes5,500 18.924.324.4
Kobanya Open6Yes3,000 10.313.313.4June,Sept,Dec
Lila Futo Open6Yes3,000 10.313.313.4June,Aug
Rakosmete Open7Yes1,600 5.577.1March,July

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