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Sunday, December 9, 2012

London Open 2012 More Findings

Big Performances
Mongolian players did very well. Jude Lenier(ENG) performed at close to 2300 level. Jude is apparently a Dr Who fan.

Lenier, Jude(ENG)

Dr. Who plays chess(tries to)

131Baterdene, Tsogbayar4.5MGLM167320143.38½1
20Guerrero, Andres6.5VENM220624352.7701
60Dale, Ari5.5AUSM212223382.5401
157Baasansuren, Erdene4MGLM179520412.54½0
159Kouchak, Jason4FRAM170319622.4910
156Mehringer, Joerg4GERM187421332.29½0
94Lenier, Jude A5ENGM206922782.191½
158Dror, Levi4ISRM178220152.1½½
30FM Roberson, Peter T6ENGM235025142.07½0
128Wood, Peter R4.5ENGM193121662.04½½
7IM Houska, Jovanka7ENGF239625572.03½1

Dale, Ari had a whopping performance with a strong 5.5/9.

Dale, Ari

38Tan, Justin6M223923351.0511½01½011
60Dale, Ari5.5M212223382.54110½11001
103WIM Caoili, Arianne4.5F220223181.111½1011000
143WIM Guo, Emma4F200020650.43011½001½0
219Dale, Finley2.5M169118230.94½00=1½000

Grant, Jonathan had a good tournament finishing with 6/9 and 2300+ performance. GM Rowson did well with 7/9 but expectations are also very high for this top GM.

3GM Rowson, Jonathan7M25862571-0.0511½½11½½1
39Grant, Jonathan I M6M221723181.2101½10½11
50FM Berry, Neil5.5M224722880.551½½½½1½½½
62GM Shaw, John5M24352319-1.27111010½½0
89White, Alastair F5M21122059-0.3210=10101½
140McKerracher, Douglas4M20342046-0.05=01½01001
205Campbell, Eoin3M18191777-0.65000010110
206Mc Aleenan, Charles3M18131808-0.160½½½0½0½½

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